Chicken Recipe Stuffed with Plums and Nuts

Steaming allows meats, even breasts that are normally dried, to have a soft and delicate texture. In addition this technique of filling chicken breasts has multiple variants with respect to the ingredients that we can put inside; bacon with dried apricots, pears with gorzonzola, spinach with mushrooms ... Chicken stuffed with prunes and nuts is just an idea What stuffing would you put?

The healing power of chocolate

Chocolate is a genuine product, irresistible to a large majority of people, but like everything else, adequate intake is necessary. Choosing chocolate can have negative consequences for our health. An ideal book to learn more about chocolate, its properties and its effects is, The healing power of chocolate.

Burger King has arrived in Shanghai

In China there are currently 600 McDonald's establishments thanks to the expansion strategy carried out by this company. Now it is Burger King that has passed the counterattack and has opened its first establishment in the city of Shanghai, one of the most developed in the Asian country. The new establishment of Burger King is undoubtedly the prelude to many others that will open to start competing with the rival company McDonald's.

Smoking I wait…

In politics, things can be done right, wrong or ... Spanish. Serve as an example to illustrate this affirmation of the horrific situation that swirls the so crazed anti-smoking cross, which seems to have come out of the pen of Valle-Inclán itself. It is going on for four years (as time goes by) in which the bases had been laid by hype and saucer to eradicate the delightful habit of smoking in public places, understanding as such also bars, restaurants and coffee shops.

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Gluten free recipes with Thermomix

I have seen on the portal A simmered that a recipe book for Thermomix special for celiacs has been published these days. The book is called Gluten Free Cooking for Everyone and is a publication of Thermomix and the Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain (FACE). The book can be purchased through the Thermomix sales network and is apparently only one of the initiatives that the Thermomix brand would be developing especially for those who have celiac disease.

The best of Direct to the Palate Answers XIV

Today is the first Wednesday of December and that means that we have to give our biweekly review of the best questions and answers published in Direct to the Palate Answers, where you are invited to participate and ask us your gastronomic questions or concerns, your problems when making a recipe or Your requests

Roasted peaches in the oven

The barbecue fruits confer a very peculiar and tasty taste, during this summer we have been able to enjoy some roasted fruits and although they want something more fresh, we could not resist repeating. Today we propose that you enjoy roasted peaches in the oven. Coinciding with the beginning of the sale of Calanda peaches, we recommend that you enjoy this rich and masterful recipe with which you will enjoy the flavor that roasted peaches confer on the palate.

What is a hell

When I was little I discovered a strange device stored in the back of a kitchen cupboard, it was round, with orange-painted metal legs that held a kind of stone with a metal spiral embedded in a low relief in it "stone". Every time I saw him I asked my mother what it was and she always answered that it was a hell.

What is your favorite bar cover? the question of the week

One of the gastronomic pleasures that summer offers us is to have a good tapa with your beer on a shaded terrace. Of course we can not deny that throughout our geography, and luckily, we have a variety of tapas and pintxos to taste, but surely everyone has their favorite or that always opts when you take something away from home.

Sauteed spaghetti recipe with cherry tomatoes and bacon

Today we are going to prepare a very simple recipe and at the same time very full of flavor. These are spaghetti sauteed with cherry tomatoes and bacon that will make you feel new as soon as you try it. To do it you do not need more than simple ingredients and desire to enjoy. The taste of the bacon, the tomatoes exploding in each bite and the pasta combine deliciously so it does not surprise you that it ends in a moment.

Pears to honey

Pears, in addition to being a delicious fruit, certainly offer a very special flavor in various preparations, for us this is a very special one that leaves a great, sweet and very juicy taste on the palate. Pears with honey will surprise you and please your guests. The ingredients 5 pears, 150 grams of sugar, 250 grams of sponge cake, 125 grams of oat flakes, grated skin of ½ orange, 50 grams of chopped almonds, 4 tablespoons of honey, 2 nuts of butter, 30 grams of rolled almonds and 75 grams of chocolate fondant.

Traditional Garlic Chicken Recipe

I love cooking with chicken, both because it is simple to get dishes full of flavor and the versatility it has when you want to give it a personal touch. On this occasion, I wanted to make a traditional recipe for garlic chicken, since to my surprise, many friends of mine confessed that they did not know how to make the chicken look very juicy.